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The first ExZeus is successful mech-based arcade shooter back to 2009. Japanese developer HyperDevbox have just released the sequel.It retains all the fast-paced action of that game but adds in all sorts of stuff on top. In addition to flying around as your mech and blasting the crap out of everything in sight, there are new ground combat portions as well as vehicle-based sections and other things that mix up the formula. If you like giant robots and explosions, ExZeus 2 is the game to check out.

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Features :

 ・ Amazing 3D graphics and Sound.
 ・ Impressive super attacks.
 ・ New elements of gameplay: shoot enemies in the air or fight them on the ground in close combat sequences.
 ・ Earn experience points based on your skills.
 ・ Upgrade and customize your own robot.
 ・ Gyro, Virtual Pad and External Bluetooth Controller.
 ・ Online ranking.
 ・ Realtime Worldwide Leaderboard.
 ・ Support for the iFrogz Caliber Advantage controller
 ・ Support for the Bladepad controller

ExZeus 2 ExZeus 2
The next Generation of Mobile 3D Shooting Game is here !!! ExZeus2, sequel of the acclaimed fast paced 3D Shooting Game "ExZeus", finally comes to iOS.

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