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Cydia resource probably is one of the most important reason for jailbreakers to jailbreak their iPhone. If you were a new jailbreake, and want to know how to start with your newly jailbroken iPhone, you should like to check this guide. Here are ten great tweaks to get you started with your newly jailbroken iPhone running iOS 5.1.1. All they have been confirmed that would work perfectly on iOS 5.1.1.

1. Zephyr

Zephyr (by chpwn) can be found useful for almost any iPhone owner. The tweak brings multitasking touch gestures to the iPhone so that you can swipe with any number of fingers to perform multitasking tasks instead of mashing down on your home button constantly. Zephyr allows you to pull up from the bottom of the screen to exit applications or pull up and wait a moment to open the application switcher. Additionally, you can swipe left and right from the edge of the screen to switch between running applications. As a bonus, Zephyr includes a new Notification Center animation. Zephyr will cost you $4.99 and is available from the BigBoss repository.

2. Springtomize 2

Springtomize 2 (by Filippo Bigarella) is another top-selling jailbreak tweak for the iPhone. Many iPhone owners like Springtomize 2 because it’s a powerful bundle tweak. It doesn’t just serve one purpose, but instead it serves over one-hundred purposes in one tweak. The tweak makes it so you can customize nearly any feature of your SpringBoard from your home screen, to your Notification Center, to your lock screen, and more. It offers a lot of popular features such as icon resizing, feature enabling and disabling, animation options, and custom appearances. Springtomize 2 will set you back $2.99 to reserve your copy from the BigBoss repository, but for everything it comes packed with, the price is an absolute bargain.

3. PasswordPilot

PasswordPilot (by Filippo Bigarella) will remember your Apple ID password every time you download an application from the App Store on your iPhone. If there is one thing everyone hates about iOS, it is typing out a password when we want to download games and applications. PasswordPilot comes with an obvious security risk for anyone without passcode-locked iOS devices as anyone can download anything from the App Store on your iPhone. It is highly recommended that you use some kind of security measure such as application locking tweaks or an iOS passcode so people cannot download arbitrary applications on your iPhone. PasswordPilot is free on the BigBoss repository and it saves a ton of time.

4. TetherMe

TetherMe (by Sam Bingner) allows you to tether your iPhone's cellular data connection for free. Tethering allows you to share your data connection with other devices such as computers, tablets, and other smartphones. It’s like having a wireless router in your pocket that works everywhere. Usually, cellular providers charge extra for tethering and it’s usually pretty expensive and limited. TetherMe unlocks the iPhone’s native tethering feature without having to pay the cellular provider to activate it for you. Now you can use your computer anywhere. TetherMe will cost you $4.99 to download it from the BigBoss repository, but it’s well worth the money compared to the expensive monthly payments the cellular providers will charge you. If the cellular provider catches you tethering without paying them, they could alter your contract and you could end up paying more per month for tethering.

5. iFile

iFile (by Carsten Heinelt) is an application for iOS that allows you to browse through iOS’ filesystem as easily as you do on your Windows or Mac OS X computer. It is a good alternative to having to SSH into your iPhone, as it can be done directly from the device without the need for a computer. iFile integrates right into a lot of popular applications such as Dropbox to make sharing files between devices very easy. As a long-lived classic, no iOS device should be naked of iFile. iFile has an unlimited free trial, so if you just jailbroke your iPhone, you should grab this.


6. Barrel

Barrel (by Aaron Ash) gives you the ability to change the animation of paging through your home screen's pages of applications. Barrel has tons of animations to choose from so you can make the animation as stylish or as simple as you want to. The animations are absolutely fluid and don’t take up too much of the system resources to run. Barrel can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository for $2.99.

7. CallBar

CallBar (by Joshua Tucker and Elias Limneos) is a jailbreak tweak that makes phone calls more intuitive on the iPhone. While the normality is for an incoming phone call to fill up the entire iPhone screen with the iOS phone interface and disturb whatever you may have been doing, CallBar fixes this by creating a banner-like notification when an incoming phone call begins. The banner supports swipe gestures for choosing what to do with the call such as ignoring it or answering it. While the tweak comes in at a $3.99 price tag on the BigBoss repository, it is a good investment for iPhone owners that want less obtrusive calls.


8. IntelliScreenX

IntelliScreenX (by Intelliborn) is an application that brings Notification Center functionality to the lock screen and adds many more features to Notification Center that weren’t there before. The application adds an RSS feed, Twitter feed, Facebook feed, a top shelf with toggles, and many notification options such as status bar icons. Additionally, IntelliScreenX comes with a quick-composition application for text messaging dubbed Messages+ and it works with both text messages and iMessage. All together, this package makes a great addition to iOS. IntelliScreenX can be found on the ModMyi repository for $9.99.

9. Aloud

Aloud (by Ori Kadosh) is a jailbreak tweak bringing announced notifications to iOS. While iOS 5 has a great notification system, you will never get your notifications if you are not near your iPhone. Aloud fixes this problem by making all notifications read out loud to you – the announcement includes not only the message, but also the application and the sender of the notification. Aloud has many different options to configure including which applications it should speak for, Activator actions for the tweak, and announcing directions from the Maps application. Aloud is available on the ModMyi repository for $1.99.

10. SBSettings

SBSettings (by BigBoss) puts a whole bunch of toggles and options right under your fingertips. SBSettings is a classic tweak that almost every jailbroken iPhone runs these days. It includes icon-hiding capabilities, tweak disabling capabilities, and even power options. If you have never tried SBSettings, it is a good go-to tweak to install so you have easy Wi-Fi, 3G, and other popular toggles. By default, SBSettings is easily invoked by swiping across the status bar. For everything that is packed into SBSettings, it's almost amazing that it is free. You can find it in the BigBoss repository.

As it is still on jailbreaking rushnow, you might come across some internal errors when you visiting Cydia. Don't worry about that, after the rush, it would be OK. Enjoy your jailbroken life!

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