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1. Unlockize - $1.99

Unlockize is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer John Coates. Unlockize adds six awesome new unlock animations to iOS to brighten up your daily use of your device. The animations can all be used at once, however with the restriction that a different animation will be used every time you unlock your iOS device. The animations are graphically fluid and don’t eat up a ton of resources. This tweak is a must for anyone that loves adding customization to their iOS devices.

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2. Reveal - $1.99

Reveal is a new jailbreak tweak created by the team of Joshua Tucker and Conrad Kramer. Reveal allows the user to extend notification banner and lock screen notifications so more of the messages can be read before the user has to respond to it. Usually, Apple only gives you a small preview of your notification and expects you to use your time to launch the application to view the notification in its entirety. This tweak allows you to scroll side-to-side on iOS 5 banners or scroll up and down on bubble notifications as well as double-tap lock screen notifications to see more of the notification. Reveal is recommended for people that want to save more time with notifications.

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3. Wake With Weather - $0.99

Wake With Weather is a new Siri extension by iOS developer rjharris. The extension works by querying a question of your choice to Siri after you acknowledge your morning alarms. For the tweak to work properly, you must type a question into Settings such as, “what is the weather going to be like?” Siri will launch after you dismiss your alarm to tell you the weather and any additional information you want to know (configured from the settings) so that you can see how your plans for the day are going to pan out as soon as you wake up.

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4. NotiQuiet - FREE

NotiQuiet is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer thekirbylover to allow users to keep notifications away while they're in certain applications. The tweak is great for when you are watching movies and don’t want notification popups ruining the movie for you. This inconvenience causes you to rewind just to see the pixels you missed while the banner or alert notification got in the way. The tweak allows you to pick which applications you don’t want to get notification popups when open. Notification Center and badge notifications will continue to stack in the background and out of your way.

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5. Swipe Safari - $3

Mobile Safari is already decent in its current state, but like everything in iOS, there is always room for intuitive improvement. To the mind of iOS developer deVbug, Mobile Safari had a lot of room for improvement. With his newest release, a jailbreak tweak dubbed Swipe Safari, you can now make Mobile Safari much more intuitive by adding support for multi-touch gestures and full-screen browsing.

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6. Coordinates for Maps - FREE

While it may not mean a whole lot for everyone in the world that uses an iOS device, a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed Coordinates for Maps by iOS developer Pau Ochoa will add a GPS coordinate indicator to the Maps application. Coordinates show your Longitude and Latitude. The indicator is small, clean, accurate, and it displays the coordinates in the bottom left of the Maps application in a transparent, black rectangle.

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