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Nowadays, taking photos by smartphone has become one of the most important parts of our LIVES. But, sometimes these photos are not as perfect as we had hoped for various reasons. Here is a useful tool which will make your photos as beautiful and cool as you want, Snapseed. Snapseed is one of the most robust image editing applications for Android and iOS devices. Recently, it updated to 2.0 with a whole new design, new filters and a new way of working.


New UI Design

The UI for Version 2.0 is much different from its design before. Its icon is much simpler and fresher. As we all know, most photography applications always make its function options be arranged horizontally on the bottom. Instead, Snapseed puts all of them into an added button in the lower right corner of the screen which really gives users less aesthetic fatigue.


Huge New Features – Tools and Filters

The main functions in Version 2.0 are divided into "Tools" and "Filters" clearly.

Other than basic editing and detail adjustments these two most basic functions, there are always many unique features in “tool”. For example, you can regulate local exposure or color temperature by “brush”; “spot repair” is equal to the same tool in Photoshop. The most powerful feature is “Transform”. As we all know, angle correction always leads to the missing of edge angle. If you are in this case, click “Transform” and it will automatically select the surrounding image and fill the missing parts. If the requirement of details is not high, the effect is very great.


Filter is also very awesome. Besides the classic feature just like Drama, Vintage, some amazing functions such as Lens Blur, Glamour Glow and Grainy Film are also added in Version 2.0.


Reset Function

If you feel some details are no so perfect after you finish editing, you can reset it. Click the button on the upper right corner, and you can view all your history records; you can reverse to check the steps, or reset details. Moreover, this operation will not cover the follow-up steps. So, if you are not satisfied with the result, you can change it without any qualm.



What’s particularly exciting in 2.0 Update of Snapseed, is the capability to have truly precise control over edits in my opinion. As a photo lover, get it now if you don’t have it, or check the update out as soon as you can if you had been using the older version.

Download Snapseed Here:

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