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Well, lubbaa is an interesting app. It test someone with its birthday, and tell you how much percent it's compatible with you in physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, sensual, or even gives you an idea of general attractiveness between you too.

"The results are based on a comparison of your biorhythms. For over a century we have known about the influence of biorhythms on humans. Large firms already use this information for work planning. You too can harness their power to find out about potential partners! Before you even start on a relationship!"

If you met someone is 100% compatible with you, marry he/she! Okay, this app is not magic, but if you start to ask others birthday, this is a great start to change. lubbaa is avaialble for $0.99 in the iTunes store. Now we have 10 promocodes to giveaway, for Pandaapp's forum users and Pandaapp's Facebook fans. The code can be used to redeem the app in the App Store with no cost.

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2. just sign in and reply in the event to request the code. If you request from our forum, DO leave your email address on our forum, as we will send the code to the winners with email. We will pick lucky users next week, good luck!

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lubbaa – check your mate! Love test to find the ideal partner. lubbaa – check your mate! Love test to find the ideal partner.
Analyse partners based on biorhythms. How about sex, emotions and intuition in your potential or current relationship? This app makes your dating and flirting easier.


* SIMPLE: all you need is his/her birthday!

 * FAST: immediate information.

* VERSATILE: comparison of partners possible.

* EASY TO UNDERSTAND: click on results for details of different levels.

* 4-LEVEL COMPARISON: how compatible are two people, on a physical, emotional,spiritual or sensual level?

* FURTHER ANALYSIS: get an idea of general attractiveness or the likely happiness of a relationship

* COOL: well-designed and easy to use.

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