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The iPhone and iPhone 4 are capable of playing video at 30FPS (Frame Per Second). Therefore, it is a very powerful portable movie player. The only problem with the iPhone is that the iOS doesn't support avi, wmv, flash video and many other standard and popular video formats.

There are many Mac and PC applications that allows you to convert video to iPhone format. Moreover, there are many iPhone applications that use the power of your desktop computer to convert and stream any video format to the iPhone over wifi or 3G such as YouTube, ORBLive, and AirVideo.

However, there was no easy way to just transfer or download a wmv or avi video format to your iPhone and play it off line. You had to jailbreak your iPhone to play those non supported video formats.

Play avi video to iphone with buzz player

Converting video is a time consuming process that also waste unnecessary space on your hard drive. Therefore, it is best to be able to play about any video format on your iPhone without the need of wifi or 3G.

In this page I will show you several iPhone movie players that are now available in the App Store that allow you to play any video format you could think off right from your iPhone. No need to jailbreak.


Off-Line Video Play Back:

Having the video stored on your iPhone, you can play it at anytime. There is no connection delay, frame rate drop, or buffering at all. This is the best way of playing video. You are guaranteed the best quality video playback.

AVI video format, wmv video formats, and DivX video formats are some of the most commonly used video format on the internet. Having an iPhone video player that can play those video formats means that you can play almost any video on the internet.

Not only you can play the video on your iPhone screen but you can also connect your iPhone to a TV with an iPhone video out cable and watch your movies on a big screen. there are many iPhone accessories deigned just for watching movies on your iPhone.


How to Transfer Videos:

There are two types of iPhone video players available in the App Store. One type allows you to transfer video files online over 3G or wifi to your iPhone in addition to syncing with iTunes and transferring using USB.

Transferring through iTunes is the fastest way, but of course you need to connect PC to iPhone and run iTunes to transfer the video files. The wifi method requires you to enter a url in your web browser and do the transfer, but it is slower.

Once you connect to iTunes, you must follow the following steps to complete the transfer of your video files from your Mac or PC to your iPhone:

1- Connect your iPhone to iTunes

Iphone movie player and file transfer with iTunes

2- Select your iPhone from Devices

3- Click the Apps tab in iTunes and scroll to the bottom of the page

iPhone movie players and video transfer with iTunes

4- In file sharing, select the iPhone movie player you just installed

5- Drag and drop the non supported video files to area on the right as shown by the blue box.

1.VLC Media Player:

The VLC Media player has always been my best movie player on both my Mac and PC. I couldn't find any video format that VLC can't play on the desktop computer. Now this iPhone movie player is ported to iPhone to play any video format you can think off. Play avi to iPhone, wmv to iPhone, VLC to iPhone or DivX to iPhone.

Play AVI to iPhone with VLC media player for the iPhoneTransfere AVI to iPhone with VLC

Once VLC media player is installed and synced with iTunes, you can select the iPhone from devices, and then select Apps in iTunes. Then you can select VLC under Apps from the file sharing area at the bottom in iTunes.

VLC is an iPhone video player that can play avi, wmv, and vob video

You can simply drag any video file you want to play on your iPhone in the blue rectangle area shown above. Your videos will immediately start transferring to the iPhone and will show up in the VLC media player application.

VLC Media Player is Free and available in the.

My only problem with VLC is that it doesn't support video transfer over wifi which I find a little annoying App Sore.

Also, you can't download and play videos from the internet.

All your downloads and video files must be on the PC or Mac and then transferred to the iPhone.


2.Movie Player:

Movie Player is an iPhone movie player similar to VLC but costs $2.99 from the App Sore.

Besides the ability to transfer and play wmv to iPhone and AVI to iPhone, it supports many other video formats like DivX, flv, mov, mpg, mpeg, asf, wm,3gp, mkv, vob, dv, ogv, and many others.

Following the same procedure as VLC to transfere video to the iPhone, you must connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac by running iTunes and then drag and drop avi files or any video to iPhone.

Once you start Movie player, you get the instruction menu of how to transfer video to iPhone.



Oplayer is another iPhone movie player that allows you to play a big selection of non supported iPhone video formats. This player has more features than the previous iPhone movie players.

You can transfer your video files normally using iTunes following the same procedure discussed before, or you can transfer video files using wifi by simply entering the url address given to you by the application in any web browser on your computer.

Play wmv and many other video to iphone with Oplayer Use wifi to transfer video to iphone and play it with Oplayer

Moreover, you can connect to your network computer using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SAMBA and download an avi to iPhone directly for example. Like ORBLive, and AirVideo, OPlayer supports video streaming over wifi and 3G.

Use FTP to transfer avi to iphone and play with OplayerYou can FTP using Oplayer to transfer video to iphone

OPlayer supports a variety of video formats such as avi to iPhone, wmv, mov, 3gp, rm, xvid to iPhone and much more.

An iPhone video out option is also available which allows you to watch your videos on a big TV by connecting your iPhone with a suitable video iPhone cable.

You can also play VOB files on iPhone with OplayerOplayer has extensive setting menu for video to iphone play back

OPlayer requires an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 for its full power. However, with iPhone 3G and iPod 1st due to slow CPU, videos must be converted. There is a free version of OPlayer while the full version costs $2.99 in the App Store.


5.BUZZ Player:
Buzz player is another full featured iPhone movie player. Buzz player supports a almost any kind of video format including avi to iPhone, wmv to iPhone, and DviX to iPhone. Also, it allows video file transfer over wifi, and it supports iPhone video streaming like AirVideo.

play dvd to iphone with Buzz Player

Moreover, you can connect to your computer locally over wifi using FTP or remotely from anywhere over 3G, and watch your videos stored on your computer.

Buzz player is an avi to iphone player

Buzz Player has its own web browser which allows you to download and play any video file from the internet.

Play wmv and any video to iphone with Buzz player

Buzz Player support full HD video play back, and is one of the most complete iPhone movie player available in the App Store.

Buzz player is an avi to iphone player

Of course, you can connect to iTunes and follow the same video transfer procedure as explained in the VLC Media player for fast video transfer.

This iPhone movie player come in different versions for different iDevices.Buzz player for iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4 cost 1.99, while a classic version for iPhone 3G is available for $0.99. Also, there is an HD version for the iPad. Buzz Player can play wmv, Xvid, DivX, 3GP, FLV, MP4, MOV, Mpeg, avi to iPhone and many more.

Connect an external display and play  avi to iphone on a big screen with Buzz player

Finally, you can plug an iPhone video cable andconnect your iPhone to a TV and watch all you HD videos on a big screen TV.

Buzz player is one of the best avi to iphone player


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