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After near three years, the sequel of Defender Chronicles, the classic tower defense with its vertically designed levels and inclusion of RPG elements, Defender Chronicles II: Heroes of Athelia is finally now here. You can grab it from Pandaapp now, enjoy it.

Defender Chronicles II brings back all the things that made the original game such a hit, and improves upon them at practically every level. You'll still spend your time turning flags into guilds and upgrading them through tiers of units, archers to rangers, squires to cavaliers. Strategy seems more important than ever before, with enemy units that take advantage of every potential weakness in your defense. Height and range are the biggest considerations as you scroll around massive, multi-tiered 2D maps.

Defender Chronicles II will be the perfect sort of sequel. It updates already excellent gameplay for a new generation of devices, and brings in all sorts of improvements in the process. No matter you are a fan of the original game, it worth a try.


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