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Summer is coming, which means you can't use the thick coat to cover your flabby belly anymore. It's time to take some exercises now. If you need a detailed schedule and supervision, RunKeeper is just the one you need. It's one of the most professional sports app in the world, which can be downloaded from both App Store and Google Play. The only thing you need to check is whether your phone has the GPS function.

Though the app is free to download, if you want to use the added features, then you will have to upgrade your account to an elite one, which will cost you $19.99 a year or &4.99 a month.

RunKeeper  RunKeeper

Checking Your Data Online

Once the app is installed, you can use either your Facebook account or your email to register an account and input your own data like gender, weight and birthdate. All the data collected by your phone is saved online, you can view and use it from any device or the app's official site, which is quite convenient.


Various Activity Types

Unlike Nike+, which is only for running, there are plenty of activity types in RunKeeper, which contains most of the sport types. You can choose the type of activity you prefer, and when you start a new activity, you can pick another one from the lot.

RunKeeper  RunKeeper

Professional Plans from Real Coach

After you finished the basic setting, it's time to set a goal, and this part is also one of my favorite functions. Why you do the sports? For doing a race, learning to run, getting fit, or losing weight? Every selection has its own detailed plans from professional coaches. There are elite plans and free plans for a range of different activities targeted at lots of ability types. To me the free ones are quite enough. You can also pick a one-off plan you like or even just set a target pace for today.

RunKeeper  RunKeeper

After you pick a training plan, a schedule and training plan is built for you and you can view it either on your phone or on the web. From the website you can even find out the coach who designed the plan.


Use GPS to track your pace

The main screen of RunKeeper shows pace and distance. At the top of the screen you can see elapsed time, your average minutes per distance unit, and calories burned. You can manually pause and resume the exercise. By the GPS features built into your smartphone, RunKeeper can track your progress along detailed training maps. If you meet something funny during running, you can even click on the photo button to take a photo.

When you finish the exercise, you will get a brief summary. You can write a short note in it, and share it to Facebook or Twitter, and decide if and when to get a reminder of the next activity.

RunKeeper  RunKeeper


RunKeeper is indeed a powerful run tracking app. It's easy to use, and offers a range of features and the flexibility for users to pick and choose. If your main focus is continuously setting goals, RunKeeper is a solid choice.  


Easy to use
Various professional plans
Free online running log
No advertisement in the app


Map tracking is not that accurate

Score: 9/10

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