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From May 7th, reports start to talk about Apple was making an effort to secure iPhone5.com through the World Intellectual Property Organization. According to the latest news, the iPhone5.com domain is now being held by brand protection agency Corporation Service Company, which may have been used by Apple to take ownership.

Although we don't know who the previous owners of the domain were, iphone5.com was registered four years ago and was stamped with the CYA disclaimer that the site is “not endorsed, sponsored, nor otherwise affiliated with Apple.”

However, the dispute doesn’t confirm that Apple will name its next-generation smartphone ‘iPhone 5′, the company is probably acting to stop people from profiting from its trademarks.

Apple has sometimes taken its time to protect its trademarks by claiming domain names from squatters. The company doesn’t own iPad.com – and has never claimed it, even though it owns the trademark since acquiring it from Fujitsu in March 2010).

It also took the company ages to – successfully – claim the domain iPods.com. It also doesn’t own iBooks.com (Barnes & Noble grabbed this), nor iBookstore.com.

A lot of people are interpreting Apple's efforts in this endeavor to mean that the iPhone maker will call the next-gen device the "iPhone 5." Although the correct moniker remains up in the air, we shouldn't forget that it was just last year when Apple similarly pursued iphone4s.com.

via modmyi via thenextweb

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