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If you need a translation you should first come up Google Translate, but when you need to speak to some one, you can't depend on it any more. This iTranslate Voice is a powerful real-time translation app and has a Siri-like UI will give a nice solution.

You just simply speak into it after selecting their relevant language, and the app quickly translates. 31 languages are catered for, including variants such as Cantonese Chinese as well as Mandarin. The vast majority of European languages are included, as well as Japanese, Korean and Russian. Text based input can also be used for languages such as Arabic, Catalan, Greek and Hindi but voice recognition isn’t quite there yet.

The UI looks familar right? But iTranslate Voice does more professional in translation than Siri. Just as I has experience, it does require you speak in a slow.

iTranslate Voice is now available on Pandaapp. Go and experience it.


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