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In this fourth installment of the charming tactical RPG - Rebirth of Fortune 2, your heroism is pushed even further as more and tougher battles await. Unlike a standard RPG filled with plenty of action-packed hacking and slashing, TRPG play involves turn-based strategic maneuvers of only a single unit at a time. The game features improved 2.5-D graphics, an even larger campaign that spans a thousand stages, 25 combat unit types, 35 enemy types, iCloud integration, as well as a Game Center leaderboard, achievements, and head-to-head online multiplayer.

Rebirth of Fortune 2 is now avaialble on Pandaapp, and the package size got a large as 212.2 MB. As usual, Fast download cost one gold, so here coms the gold giveaway. Join the even before next Wednesday to win 10 gold!

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1. 25 classes of combat units capable of getting into battle formation and over 35 classes of various enemy monsters.

 2. A more strategic and enjoyable battle system.

 3. The biggest. Over a thousand stages of vast volumes and stories.

 4. More beautiful and appealing. The ultimate 2D graphics.

 5. Has Retina Display Support. A universal app, supporting all models (iPhone 3gs and above, iPad 2 and above) running on iOS.

 6. Supports Achievements and Leaderboards via Game Center.

 7. Capable of playing with users from around the world at anytime via Game Center.

 8. On some iOS Device the game in progress can be shared by using iCloud.

 Please note that although this game can run on iPhone 3gs and lower, these do not have Retina Display Support and the low resolution may cause the text to appear unclear.

Rebirth of Fortune 2 Rebirth of Fortune 2
Rebirth of Fortune 2, is the 4th story of the Fortune Chronicle Episode and the official sequel to the 2009 release of SRPG Rebirth of Fortune.

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