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Gold Miner – OL by developer LOCOJOY is a great casual game which supports offline single-player and online battles.

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Game play:

    Use an ore-harvesting hook to drag gold, diamonds, treasure pouches and other items out from the mine pit. However, there are many explosives and moving rats in there, and the weather may affect your performance in harvesting more gold and diamonds. Don’t worry though! There are plenty of tools you can use to overcome these obstacles.
    This is a test of reflexes and skill. If you think you’re familiar enough with the controls, hurry up and challenge a friend online! You’ll win even more rewards!

Career Mode

    You will dig in mine pits across seven major continents, and single player mode has seven main stages – you must reach the requirements of each stage before advancing to the next. Reward stages will also appear to help you obtain a higher score.
Online Mode

    In online mode, you can compete against friends in Friendly Battle Mode, or against other players over the internet in Ladder Battles. Over the course of battle, there will be an abundance of items in treasure pouches, such as acceleration potions, freezing weapons, scopes, gold and others. These items will either help you gain points speedily or cause trouble for your opponents. Here, ore harvesting isn’t just about skill; strategy is needed to win as well!
Double Mode

    You could play Gold Miner - OL with your families and friends in the same screen. There are plenty of treasure pouches for you to get amazing items. They are so NEAT!


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