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Legend of Master2 Plus the new action RPG published by Korean company Nsurfin, looks quite simple, but definitely a long adventure. Legend of Master2 Plus shares a lot of base commonalities with other Korean RPG. At first glance, the graphic reveals a lot of 90s RPG nostalgia elements, but when you start to fight, the sword shadow, the magic lighting as well as the shock could be enjoyable.


The story begins from the village called Remerun, you can choose a class to start your adventure among the four playable classes Warrior, Shadow, Hunter, and Shaman. Each class has its own unique skill and character, but each role leads to a different ending. I selected the Warrior with the name Maki. You have to search for the villagers who get request – that’s your missions. The dialogues between you and the villagers always hint information about your missions. You gain experience and points by finishing the missions. Points could be used to exchange new skills and raise the level of your current skills. 

The controls are decent, the developer considered a lot for the touch experience. I personally do not adjust to the virtual button of the touch screen well, so I always slip when moving. Luckily you can choose a game speed level which suits for your experience in the setting. And plenty of shortcuts on the main UI allow you to use different skills and invens during combat. You can even customize the shortcuts to create the UI you can handle it most smoothly – it’s a very pretty detail for an action RPG.

As I mentioned before, it’s a long adventure. In the Castle Siege and Legend Dungeon, you have chance to get unique legendary items and to customize your characters. It’s the most expecting element of the game. I haven’t got that far, but it is said “This game’s real fun begins when you reach level 99! ” according to the game description. I am still on it and quite enjoy it. You have a try too!


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