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Game Dev Story-esque starship simulator Star Command, which firsted revealed in 2011, and have made gamers wait for two years, has finally gets available.

In the game, you design a Star Trek-style starship that's capable of carrying you and your chosen crew across the galaxy. Space is a dangerous place, of course, though. So, you'll need to add medical bays, engine rooms, science wings, and a whole boatload of powerful weapons to your spacecraft if want to survive for long.

If you’ve ever wanted a shot at Captain Kirk’s job, this is your best bet on iOS. Star Command is now available on Pandaapp, and fast download will cost one gold. Join our giveway to win 10 gold!

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 ✔ Universal App - iPad and iPhone included
 ✔ HD support for retina pixel goodness
 ✔ Level your crew members up and earn new skills
 ✔ Build a ship in your own image!
 ✔ Four distinct ship hulls to choose from
 ✔ Focus on tactical, science or engineering
 ✔ Amazing soundtrack intensifies the action and exploration
 ✔ Over 10 alien species to discover
 ✔ Premium game - no in app purchase roadblocks

Star Command Star Command
Star Command let’s you build your own ship, hire your crew, explore the universe and battle alien civilizations across the galaxy.

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