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Dungeon Link is a new strategic action RPG released by Gamevil recently for both iOS and Android users. Today we found a guide from touchtapplay.com to help you link your own path to victory in the game.

1. Go for long chains!

When possible, you should always try to clear out the board in order to use your Final Attack. Even better, try to chain all of your heroes together for one massive attack. For each successive chain, your final attack will become stronger. Remember that in order to link heroes together, their circle points must be adjacent to one another.

2. Use your active skills often!

The purple bar below your heroes at the bottom of the screen represents their mana. Every time they move and attack they will charge up some mana. Mana charges relatively quick, so you're able to use your active skills often. Don't worry about saving them for too long! This is especially important to keep in mind with heroes such as Clara the Cleric, who has a heal skills that targets all allied heroes on the screen.

3. Enhance your heroes carefully!

Unlike other games of this genre, Dungeon Link allows you to sacrifice only one hero to enhance another hero with. Because of this, you need to pay closer attention to the parameters, specifically the success chance. The success chances can be relatively low, sometimes around 25%, so you need to pay attention to which hero can boost who the most efficiently. To increase your odds, sacrifice a hero that is as close to the base hero in rank and level.

Dungeon Link

4. Know your heroes dash skill!

Most heroes – but not all – have a dash skill. The dash skill is active when, you guessed it, the hero is moving along the path you created for them. Your starting heroes have the slash skill, which deals damage to adjacent panels as they travel through the line. There are all sorts of dash skills, such as the Samurai Girl's beam shot, which shoots out a beam horizontally, damaging anything caught in its path. Knowing what the dash skills is useful because sometimes you won't even need to make your heroes collide with enemies in order to do maximum damage!

5. Take advantage of the elements!

In Dungeon Link the typical elemental system is employed: fire beats wood, wood beats water, and water beats fire. Damage is cut in half if a hero attacks with an element the enemy is resistant to, and doubled if you exploit the weakness. This can turn the tide in some battles, so it's helpful to keep in mind!

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Source: touchtapplay.com

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