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SEGA's new endless title: Hell Yeah! is now available on Pandaapp. You might know Alex Kidd. Sonic the Hedgehog. Nights. you might not have heard of Hell Yeah!

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno is technically an endless runner, but the slower pace and multi-layered levels make it play more like an old-school platformer where someone's taped down the right button on your controller. You play as Ash, spawn of the Dark One, prince of Hell, and somehow, also a rabbit skeleton. For reasons that are not fully elaborated, Ash rides a rocket-powered drilling machine. This enables him to blast through the various circles of Hell (including the one where rumor-mongering tech journalists have to sit in a Samsung off-Broadway press conference for eternity*) killing otherwise blameless monsters with a small arsenal of weapons.

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno is universal for both iPhone and iPad, the file is 212.19MB large, and fast download costs one gold. Join our giveway to win 10 gold!

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 •The simplicity of two button gameplay.

 •50 unique levels set in 5 different worlds.

 •Avoid obstacles whilst thrusting through the game in the high-speed jetpack action.

 •Break through walls and kill monsters using cool weapons including a machine gun and a rocket launcher.

 •Defeat more than 30 monsters and collect their tokens

 •Collect gold and unlock 50 new masks and jetpack skins!

 •Find the Doom Token hidden within each level to unlock secret areas

 •We’ll keep adding new content to Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno. Stay tuned!

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno
The devilish creator of the award winning console game, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, winner of best download game and best indie game in Destructoid’s ‘Best of E3 2012’ awards – brings you Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno

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