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The clear and beautiful iOS 6 interface help Apple and iOS devices success,  If you are a PC user, then it could be worthwhile checking out the iOS inspired theme that is now available for both Windows 8 and Windows 7 installations. Themes or Skin packs have often caused a great deal of division with PC users. Some individuals prefer to stay loyal to the native look and feel of their operating system and can’t ever imagine deviating from the manufacturer standard. On the other hand, there are some users who love the functionality provided with Windows but crave the visuals of OS X and iOS. It’s those who will gain the most satisfaction from these skin packs/themes.


The theme itself is named after Apple’s famous mobile operating system but it’s immediately evident that inspiration has also been taken from the fruit company’s desktop software. Downloading and installing the iOS 6 inspired visuals on Windows is fairly straightforward and involves little more than running through a standard installation process that most Windows based users will go through on a regular basis.


It is however worth noting that uninstalling themes or skin packs of this nature can sometimes prove to be a little problematic, and if anything goes wrong, can require a full operating system restore. Make sure you create a restore point in System Restore utility before going ahead with the install.

Check it out for yourself by downloading it from here.

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