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This week hackers didn't give us quite a lot huge jailbreak apps, but still some creative ones. Take a look:

1. Message Transformer - Free

Message Transformer is a recently released jailbreak app that allows you to convert text to various formats. Formats include Pig Latin, backwards, all capital letters, all lowercase, etc.

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2. SwipeDock - $0.99

Have you ever wished you could hide and show your iOS dock the same way you can on your Mac? With a new jailbreak tweak dubbed SwipeDock by iOS developer Cykey, you can. SwipeDock gives you a ton of options to configure to get the exact look and animation you want. 

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3. VPNOnly - $3

Internet security is a huge thing – especially abroad. While VPN technology is nothing new to the iOS world, a new jailbreak tweak dubbed VPNOnly by iOS developer Aleksey Ovchinnikov will make it so you can automatically route all Wi-Fi data through a VPN of your choice no matter where you are and what Wi-Fi network you are using. The tweak is toggled with a switch, shown in the above screenshots, and it will require you to have VPN services on your iOS device.

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4. MorseCode - Free

Tired of typing out words using the iOS software keyboard? Try using Morse code. A new free jailbreak application dubbed MorseCode by iOS developer Kenneth Ackerson will let you use Morse code to type out your words and then copy the text you type to other applications.

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5. FastLock - $0.99

In iOS, every thing is laid out for you on the home screen of the operating system, although sometimes we demand even easier access to common system events. For this, we turn to jailbreaking. A new jailbreak tweak dubbed FastLock by iOS developer Pigi Galdi hopes to make system events easier to access by adding shortcuts to the lock screen of your iOS device. The screenshots above show you the neat-looking interface that looks like it were made by Apple themselves.

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6. CloseEnhancer - FREE

If you remember AlwaysClose, the free jailbreak tweak allowing you to close applications from the multitasking App Switcher without having to hold down on an application to enter jiggle mode, then you might have thought about how this idea could be expanded and made better. Today, a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed CloseEnhancer by iOS developer Rudolf Lichtner has been released and it does an excellent job of making this idea even better.

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7. FaceTime QuickPick - $0.99

The point of FaceTime QuickPick is to make an address book-like application dedicated only to FaceTime. Normally when you want to FaceTime with a contact on your iPhone, you have to go into the Contacts application, find the contact, then tap on the FaceTime button, and then finally tap on the e-mail address or phone number you want to dial to get ahold of them. Now a new application dubbed FaceTime QuickPick by iOS developer tripkip makes it much easier to invoke a FaceTime video call with your contacts.

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