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We got some impressive jailbreak apps this week, check them out.

1. SliderWidth - FREE

The slide to unlock bar on the iOS lock screen is set to be a certain width, however with a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed SliderWidth by iOS developer rvirajm, you can change the width of the slider to almost anything you want – assuming the width you want fits on the screen. SliderWidth has a preferences pane in the Settings application after the tweak is installed. It not only allows you to adjust the width of the slider, but it also allows you to change the text in the slider.

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2. Stride - $2.99

The iOS 'slide to unlock' feature is a nice, elegant way of unlocking an iOS device. It is nice and pocket-proof – making it hard to perform while in your pocket by mistake. The only downfall is its security. Apple includes a pass code system for security, but tons of people want different ways to secure their iOS device besides a number pad or text-based password. A new jailbreak tweak dubbed Stride by iOS developer Adam Bell lets you draw a pattern and then apply that pattern towards unlocking your iOS device.

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3. Curiosa - FREE

Many of you have been anticipating a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to see when Cydia updates become available – made obvious when AppUpdateNotifier was released – allowing you to get iOS 5 notifications when an App Store update was available. A new free jailbreak tweak beta dubbed Curiosa by iOS hacker and developer Ryan Petrich is now available in his beta repository and it brings iOS 5 push notifications to your iOS device that alert you of Cydia updates.

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4. Fusion - $2

The announcement of iOS 5 bringing Twitter integration was a big one, however it’s apparent that not everyone is a Twitter user. If you have been waiting patiently for Facebook integration with iOS, or even Foursquare or MySpace for that matter, then a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Fusion by iOS developer Home School Dev will bring you all of these things from the comfort of the familiar iOS Twitter-composition interface.

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5. SwipeCam - $1.49

The iOS 5 lock screen brings us the camera button, which turned out to be pretty convenient. However, iOS developer Ron Melkhior has made an attempt to make the iOS 5 lock screen even more convenient by adding two more functions to the camera button area. The new jailbreak tweak, dubbed SwipeCam, will set you back $1.49 and allow you to swipe side to side on the camera button to pull up more options. Currently, SwipeCam supports toggling Wi-Fi and toggling Airplane Mode apart from being able to launch the Camera application. The screenshots above show you the toggles when they are enabled and the screenshots below show you the toggles when they are disabled:

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6. AlwaysClose - FREE

Closing out of applications using Apple’s multitasking App Switcher is an easy, two-step process. You simply put the device into jiggle mode and then tap on the '-' buttons to close the applications from the background. If having a two-step process seems cumbersome to you, then a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed AlwaysClose by iOS developer ihkltc will let you have the option to close applications automatically without having to put the device in jiggle mode.

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7. AppMosaic - FREE

If you’re a fan of tweaks a little out of the ordinary, then AppMosaic by ctrled may be just the sort of thing you look for. Probably classifiable as an app as opposed to a tweak, it portrays the top 200 apps (free and paid) in one elongated mosaic. It only depicts the icons, but by tapping on them, a box appears at the bottom of the screen denoting the title and its publisher/developer.

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