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SiriTD is a new Siri tool just released iOS Developer Ron Melkhior and FreeManRepo, who have setup their own Siri proxy server along with iPhone 4S certificate file which can be used to install Siri on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPod touch 4G jailbroken on iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 or 5.1. According to Cydiablog, SiriTD would be safe and fast.

Unlike previous Siri ports, Spire is not burdened by copyright issues and the advantage with Spire, however, is that you can configure your own proxy or use a third party server from a trusted source. The method listed below comes from a trusted source Majd Alfhaily and Ron Melkhior who have developed lots of cydia tweaks for the jailbreak community such as AppSlider, LockAssistant, SiriBoard, et cetera.

The validation data hash used by SiriTD is an undecryptable MD5 hash from the validation session data. This is used as unique identifier and can never be the same. It’s put in a 32-bit long MD5 hash to protect the data from being stolen. The validation session data is used to identify an iPhone 4S to the Apple servers, to get connection with the siri servers.

Is SiriTD Connection Safe? Yes! It is!

Each time a non-iPhone4S device connects, the server finds the key with the least keyload and uses that to forge the packets with the sessionValidationData in order to be accepted by guzzoni.apple.com (Apple’s siri servers). Each older device that connects uses the sessionValidationData to create a assistant. After the assistant is created it can use Siri via the proxy for speech recognition and views creation. When one of the keys are overloaded (reaches the keyload max values) the server then does not forge the packets thus stops misusement of the key.  After the Keyload interval the overloaded key drops -100 lets another 10 sessions to be created and so on until the key expires. This helps a lot to pretend that its a normal everyday use (with some finetuning to the above values and limits) and spoofing/securing the Siri Capable Devices.

SiriTD is a Fast Siri Server

This server implements a MySQL database connection for storing validation data of Siri capable Devices (4S etc). Each Key is throttled through this server enabling several client registrations and assistant object creation. This enables more clients to connect. The connectivity is super!

Disclaimer: We haven’t tested this Siri Proxy port on our iOS device yet and we should not be held responsible if something goes wrong. However, we have received reports that it does work.

Instructions to install Siri

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad or iPod touch 4G using Redsn0w on iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 or 5.1 IPSW.

Step 2: Launch Cydia and add the repo http://freemanrepo.com/repo to install Spire

Step 3: Reboot your iOS device. Once it boots up, the Siri is downloaded from Apple’s own servers.

Step 4: After you reboot your iDevice, Go to Settings -> Spire then add this as a proxy host https://SiriTD.com:123

Step 5: Install iPhone 4S certificate file by visiting here. Email the certificate file to yourself and then open it on your device from your email.

Step 6: Respring or Reboot your iDevice!

After you have followed all six steps meticulously, long press the Home button on your iDevice, and you will be able to use Siri Assistant. The developers claim that this Server is “always up”. But when the server is overloaded, which it will in due course of time, you may incur some connectivity issues.

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via Cydiablog

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