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Zombie is always a hot title on iOS and people love to have a catharsis anywhere and anytime, so it always turns out to be a shooter game. Walking Dead: Prologue by Ti Knight is a typical zombie game, with cool blood and wonderful killing.

As usual, the storyline features in the near future, our lovely 2012, people and even animals around are all infected, and you’re going to be the only survivor and have to kill all the zombies to move on, to survive. There is no partner, no backup.

Walking Dead: Prologue by Ti Knight  is very easy to start, especially when you get “auto-aiming”, then the radar will tell you where the zombies are, and when they get around you. Most of the time, gun is the best weapon, however, when the zombies get close enough, try your dagger, especially when they come in group, you can get that good feeling of the killing.

From easy to hard, the game has three difficulty levels. If you want to challenge even higher, you can close the aim assist and radar. The level features are simple, enemies will get more and more powerful, and your task gets harder and harder. The highlights are headshots and combo, of course shooters are always pursuing these stuffs. You don’t have to start from the very beginning, if you are unfortunately killed. That’s nice.

The 3D graphics based on the famous game engine OpenGL 2.0, perform smoothly during all the moving and fighting process. The screen will turn all red when you enter anger mode, like somebody gets bloodshot eyes. It’s a special mode, endowing you with abnormal power. You are on steroids, everything turns invisible in your eyes except the enemies, cool!

If you are a killing game lover, Walking Dead: Prologue is a good choice. The game play is a rather simple design, and sometimes gets a bit repetitive. Overall I found myself enjoying the unique fun that this game provides. Have a try.


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The 3D effect is amazing.


Just like shooter games always do.


Very smooth touch screen experience.

Ease of Play

Auto-aiming is a good start.

Lasting Appeal

Could be better since there are some players without patience


Every level has surprise.


A zombie title game you should not miss, if you are a shooter fan.

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