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We got a lot beautiful new jailbreak apps this week, check them out.

1. Transparency - FREE

While the stock look of iOS’s application icons will cut it for most people, there is surely someone out there who wants to change the look of something about it. Whether you want to go full blown like the screenshot above, or you want to customize each individual feature about an application icon’s appearance, a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed Transparency by iOS developer Mr. Russian will help you get on the right track.

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2. Usefullcons - $0.99

With most toggles and system events being hidden deep within the Settings application, jailbreaking gives us a way to make reaching those functions easy with personalized shortcuts. Whether you’re a Deck guy, an SBSettings guy, or some other kind of guy – there’s a toggle shortcut pane for you. A new toggle shortcut option available in Cydia today is a jailbreak tweak dubbed Usefullcons by iOS developer Rudolf Lichtner, it adds toggle shortcut buttons to the home screen.

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3. SMS Timestamps - FREE

Sometimes you might be text messaging someone and a little while later you forget exactly what time you sent or received something in a text message. Unfortunately, Apple’s way of time-stamping conversations is to time-stamp only sections at a time. If you’re one of the people, however, that wants the time-stamps anyway – regardless of Apple’s clean design principles, than a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed SMS Timestamps by iOS developer Gabrio Barbieri will make sure every message you send is time-stamped. It even comes with a nice preferences pane in the Settings application to adjust the increments that the tweak time-stamps your messages.

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All FaceTime-capable iDevices and iPhones have ringtone capabilities. The ringtone is usually just an audio file that plays for us to alert us when someone is calling. If you have ever wanted to move beyond audio and have a video ringtone instead of just a sound, then a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed VUZIQ will let you do it. After installing VUZIQ, you'll be presented with a new application icon where you will set all of your preferences.

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5. iLettars - $1.59

Many of us wish we could make our iPhone faster at times, but has it ever come across your mind of what it would be like if all iPhone animations were actually slowed down? A new jailbreak tweak dubbed iLettars by iOS developer vincenzoBB allows you to customize your animations to make them as slow as you want them. It doesn't make animations lag; instead everything just slowly falls into place depending on the speed setting you choose.

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6. HeadphoneLauncher - $0.99

Surely, one thing iOS lacks is quick access to sound-based applications when you're plugging your headphones in. A really useful 99¢ jailbreak tweak has been released today dubbed HeadphoneLauncher by iOS development firm S2 IT Consulting LLC. The tweak brings an application launcher to the lock screen when you plug in a sound accessory such as speakers or headphones via the headphone jack. This is a feature Apple should have implemented to begin with, as it makes launching the Music application or other sound-based applications much easier upon being ready to listen with your sound device.

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7. TouchPosé+ - $1

If you remember TouchPosé, the free jailbreak tweak that brought an elegant blue circle to the touch screen everywhere you placed a finger, then you may want to check out a new jailbreak tweak dubbed TouchPosé+ by iOS developer iolate, the big brother and full version of TouchPosé that comes with more advanced features. It includes multi-touch support and will show a blue circle for more than one finger:

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