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Oh, I am so guilty to find this funny tweak so late. This is a new free jailbreak tweak called UpsideDown, totally developed for the April Fool. It turns applications upside down on any device the tweak is installed on. The tweak is free on Ryan’s beta repo starting today.

Is the tweak useful? – no. It was made for you to have enjoyment out of someone else’s misery. Installing this tweak on someone else’s jailbroken iDevice means you can make them go bonkers and have a good laugh while they try to hold their device upside down to use it. It seems to work with most applications, but not all of them.

UpsideDown has no options to configure – it helps with being stealthy. The only way to end the tweak’s humorous side effects is to uninstall the tweak via Cydia after the prank is done. The good news is, UpsideDown cannot cause harm to anyone's iDevice. Be sure to be a good sport to your friends and let them know you did it. ModMyi is not responsible if you get slapped in the face.

UpsideDown isn’t on a public repository; it’s only available on Ryan Petrich’s beta repository. To download it, you’ll need to go into Cydia:

  1. tap on the Manage tab
  2. tap on the Sources button
  3. tap on the Edit button
  4. tap on the Add button
  5. enter the following URL and then tap Add Source:

PHP Code:


via modmyi

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