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Usually when you hold down on the sleep button for a few seconds, a menu asking you if you’d like to slide to power off appears. This is a great feature, however wouldn’t it be great if it did more than just make you power off? A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed PowerDown for QuickDo by iOS developer Ma Jun will help you to do more with that menu – assuming you have QuickDo ($7.99 + 3-day free trial) installed, that is.

Illustrated above is the new power down menu after PowerDown for QuickDo is installed. It adds the options to respring, reboot, and enter safe mode to the already existing and lonely slide to power off slider. There are many tweaks that try to integrate these features into iOS, but you have to stop to ask yourself, which ones are integrated into iOS properly? PowerDown for QuickDo puts everything right where you would most expect Apple to have put it – right with the power off stuff.

Each of the sliders enters the screen from a side of the display – it is like a mesh animation, as every other slider enters the screen from the opposite side of the display. The animation looks good as you invoke it and no lag is produced from it. Each of the switches work properly, so it appears to be glitch-free as far as its own functions go.

Because QuickDo costs $7.99 after your three-day trial is up, calling this tweak free is a bit misleading. To enjoy this tweak, you’ll probably have to enjoy QuickDo as well as the price is a pretty hefty pill to take for the simple functionality of adding extra sliders to the power down menu. I can recommend this specific tweak for anyone looking for easier ways to reboot, respring, or enter safe mode.

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