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The new iPad is surely excellent on its own, but some accessories will make the experience even better. Let's take a look.

Nest by Bluelounge ($14.95)

While many iPad stands only support one orientation, the Nest can hold your device in both portrait and landscape orientation. You can also lay your iPad on top of the Nest for a nice typing position. When not in use, the Nest can also hold small items like your keys, USB flash drives, etc. Available in six different colors.

R1 Stand by Satechi ($49.95)

Satechi’s R1 stand (which we reviewed here) is a sleek stand for your iPad. Its aluminum finish blends in right next to an iMac or MacBook. Its two hinges allow for more viewing angles than most other stands and it can also be folded up for on-the-go storage. The R1 comes in any color you want, as long as it’s silver.

Nomad Compose by Nomad Brush ($39)

Using the new iPad to create will be better than ever, especially with that new Retina display. The Nomad Compose’s tip uses a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers that allow you to “paint” on your iPad. While, of course, the results will vary on how (and with which app) you use this stylus, it is still a blast to use and feels great in your hand. You can see our review of the Nomad Compose here. Available in charcol gray.

Capacitive iPad Stylus by Boxwave ($15)

There are plenty of capacitive styluses available, but Boxwave’s have been tested and are tried and true. The stylus can be hooked into your iPad’s headphone jack for quick storage, or you can use its built-in metal clip to attach it to your pocket or case. Available in orange, red, silver, black, and blue.

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation ($79.95)

You can bet that new iPad users will be using their new toys just about everywhere. 4G LTE Web browsing will be sure to take its toll on your 10-hour battery, but Mophie’s Juice Pack Powerstation will keep you connected. Featuring a 4000mAh battery, the Powerstation packs enough juice to give your iPad the power it needs. The Powerstation’s USB and micro-USB ports will also allow it to charge any other USB-enabled devices you may have.

Digital AV Adapter by Apple ($39)

If you don’t have an AppleTV, then Apple’s Digital AV Adapter is your best bet for viewing HD video and sharing photos on your HDMI-enabled television. The adapter hooks into your device’s 30-pin dock connector and also allows you to plug in your charger to prevent your battery from draining while in use.

iPad Camera Connection Kit by Apple ($29)

The Apple Camera Connection Kit allows iPad-only users (without a Mac or a PC) to still enjoy editing and sharing their photos without using iTunes to sync their photos. Apple’s Camera Connection kit features a USB interface as well as an SD card reader, allowing easy import options for your photos. The kit supports standard photo formats (including JPEG and RAW), along with SD and HD video formats (including H.264 and MPEG-4). Once connected to your iPad, you’ll be able to select which photos you’d like to import.

UltraTough Clear Skins (Full Body) by Bodyguardz ($29.99)

If you’re going caseless with your new iPad, you’ll need something to protect that shiny new screen. The UltraTough clear screen protectors will protect both the front and back of your new iPad. They won’t hinder use of the device, or degrade your iPad’s resolution like some anti-glare protectors do. Each set is eligible for lifetime replacement.

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