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Perhaps you have already watched the latest movie Cinderella. The movie is an unquestionable success for Disney right now, but it seems the company is still not satisfy with this success, for they have launched another Cinderella-themed match-3 game recently, and Cinderella Free Fall is the name of the game they brought to us.

Does this name sound familiar to you? It's the third game you can find in the very popular "Free Fall" series that all together has been downloaded more than 105 million times.

Cinderella Free Fall

This game is free-to-play, just like the previous Free Fall titles. You start as young Ella and while progressing through one hundred levels, you see her transform into the beautiful Cinderella after completing certain tasks and levels. Through the game you can create different patterns while connecting the jewels to unlock special helps, such as a magic butterfly, magic wishes, and familiar furry friends. You also might be lucky enough to have Gus and Jacqueline to help you on your quest.

Cinderella Free Fall  Cinderella Free Fall

It's a simple game, but very addicting. There are one hundred levels waiting for you to complete, while most levels adding a certain difficulty such as getting rid of all the jewels that have magic dust on them. I think the most interesting aspect of the game is watching Ella transform throughout the journey. That is a really fun touch!

However, the game does get pretty difficult sometimes. That means you'll go through lives fairly quickly, or find yourself in need of an extra five moves or a power-up. In that case, you do have the option for in-app purchase. If you're a parent grabbing this for a kid, keep that in mind before letting them play.

Cinderella Free Fall  Cinderella Free Fall

The game is now available for all Android, iOS and Window devices. Are you ready to help Cinderella in her magical journey to go to the ball and meet her prince?

Available on Google play  Available on App Store

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