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How do you like Redesigned Pandaapp Pages?
Hello Pandaapp fans, we'd like to invite everyone of you to do this questionnaire, then we will know how do you like our redesigned pages, and we can make some right fix and improvement by your suggestion and choices, at the same time we will award each one of who you have done the qustionnare with one-month VIP account, thanks for your patience and support!
1. Are the redesigned pages displays ok on your browser? *
2. How do you like new Pandaapp page design? *
3. How often do you visit our website? *
4. What browser do you use the most to view Pandaapp[Multiple-choice]? *
5. How much times do you open PandaApp homepage? *
6. How long do you usually spend on Pandaapp each time? *
7. How would you rate our website in overall layout and colors of pages? *
8. How would you rate our website "Stream of Design"? *
9. How would you rate our website in "Ease of navigation"? *
10. How would you rate our website on "Coverage of Information"? *
11. What is/are your purpose(s) of visiting our website[Multi-Choice]? *
12. Are u satisfied with the page access speed? *
13. [iOS]What kind of posts you love to read most?[Multi-Choice] *
14. [Android&WindowsPhone]What kind of posts you love to read most?[[Multi-Choice]]? *
15. Can you find your target information or apps easily on Pandaapp? *
16. How often do you comment on Pandaapp? *
17. Do you like The Expression Vote or "Like" better below the article? *
18. Do you share news, apps or games that interest you through “SHARE”? *
19. Are you familiar with Pandaapp's Gold and VIP privacy? *
20. Which editor do you like best? *
21. Please leave your Pandaapp user's name, If you have no Pandaapp account click the title to sign up *

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