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The new iPad seems too good to be true? The answer is no, the new iPad still got its problem, there have been several reports about some new iPad owners are finding that their tablets suffer from a serious overheating issue during typical usage. Today, a Chinese user proved it with a professional procedure that the new iPad is far hotter than previous iPads – literally – and can be uncomfortable to use. Check out the pictures below for the results when a thermal camera was used to view the new iPad.

New iPad is Warmer Than iPad 2 in Standby Mode

iPad 2 (left) and New iPad (right)

With a thermal camera, the Chinese user put the new iPad right next to the iPad 2 to measure the temperature of both devices.

The result is the new iPad gets warm even though it’s in standby mode

New iPad Gets Hot During Gaming

iPad 2 (left) and New iPad (right)

Next, the new iPad was placed right next to the iPad 2, both running Infinity Blade.

iPad 2 (left) and New iPad (right)

After five minutes, heat is concentrated on the left side of both devices.

The new iPad is getting hot down the left hand side.

God. The new iPad does get warm on the lower left side.

It reached an temperature of 29.6°C.

Now, let’s put the iPad onto the table with the screen facing down. Take note: Infinity Blade is still running.

After 20 minutes, temperature was measured at the hottest point of the new iPad. The whole left side of the new iPad seems to be hotter than the right side.

The new iPad reached an temperature of 32.5°C. According to the Chinese user, it’s not super hot, but it’s uncomfortably warm.

Well, it turns out that the new iPad has problems with getting too hot. The measurements above confirm the reports of new iPad owners saying that the heat on the new iPad is concentrated on the bottom-left, though some people said that the whole left side of the device was too hot. With 32.5°C the iPad isn’t getting too hot to touch, though you will notice that the casing is getting warmer. Perhaps the reason that the tablet is warmer than its predecessor is likely to be caused by the larger battery and quad-core graphics.

via MIC

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