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iPhone battery issues have plagued a lot of people. Earlier, people had the iPhone running a full-day with an overnight charge but I guess things have changed with a lot of us now. You’re at 100% this morning and by early evening, it’s down to 20% or something and you need to either stop using the iPhone till you get back home or plug it in again.


I haven’t had a huge battery issue so far (Oh, on second thoughts, I did have when I installed a lot of Winterboard themes and was testing them out) but it sure sucks to see a fully-charged iPhone go down to 20% by the time I leave work.


It’s curiously interesting to see how Cydia tweaks can actually help increase the iPhone battery time. This past week, I have been using the iPhone a lot – testing, tweaking and doing stuff to figure out how much I can improve the battery performance of my iPhone.


I’m running iOS 6.1 so performances may slightly vary but I think it will be almost unnoticeable. I used a few Cydia tweaks and a few tips to help gain as much as 10-20% battery time. I use the iPhone a hell lot and it still doesn’t dry up till late in the night when I get the low battery warning. Here’s what I did:


1. Kill Apps Running in the Background
Of all the things I use the most, this one takes the cake. I kill background apps way too often that I’ve lost track of how many times I use it between mornings and lunch. KillBackground tweak from Cydia is free and it puts that little icon on the task switcher. Tap that and all apps are quit in one-tap. You can close all background apps as often as you want and that really helps save some juice.


Now, I’ve heard people say that this doesn’t impact a lot but I beg to differ. It does help in keeping the slate clean. Don’t worry about the notifications; if it’s Push, it works even if the app is quit.

Quick video on how to close all background apps at once:

2. Control Brightness Manually
Brightness can be one very strong feature that can add or take away a lot of juice. On the iPhone, the autobrightness works good but it’s not smart enough. Having a tweak like SwipeBright can be very helpful in letting you adjust the screen brightness as and when you like without having to go into Settings. SwipeBright actually uses Activator commands to help you control the brightness from anywhere. On my iPhone, I’ve set it to use the swipe right and swipe left on Statusbar – one swipe and the brightness levels are way down to save battery.

3. 3G + Wifi
Of the several important things that can drain your battery, 3G/LTE and Wi-fi are very prominent. Although the iPhone is smart enough to juggle between the two as and when required, it does a lousy job because it constantly pings for Wi-fi services and does something similar with 3G (signals). This drains the iPhone battery and one simple little way to control this is to use a tweak like NCSettings.

With a widget on the notification center, you can turn off Wifi when it’s not in use and 3G when it’s not in use. This will really help you save a lot of juice. Oh, you can also use NCSettings to control the brightness but I still prefer Swipebright over anything else. It’s fast and simple.

4. Activator
For several things that you usually go into an app, into the Settings or elsewhere, use Activator commands. I’m not sure if people do this a lot but you can set Activator commands to get to some places in the iPhone faster.

Want to open Contacts? Use a command like swipe top to bottom on homescreen. Want to control music? Use some command from Activator. Want to open the Usage page in Settings? Activator!

Using gestures can tremendously save the time that you take in tapping your way through icons and options. And it helps conserve battery if all you want to do is open something or control something right away.

5. Use BatteryPeek
What’s in a number display right? If you’re looking to remove things off your status bar – which can be cluttered already – you should probably have this tweak on your iPhone. BatteryPeek is a simple tweak which hides the battery percentage only to show it (for a few seconds) every time you tap on the status bar. It’s much better than having to show the battery status in numbers all the time and much more comfortable than having to disable the percentage display totally.

Hide and Show “Level” of Battery on iPhone and iPad:



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