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Windows 7 and Vista Users Attention Please: "Hot Mobile News" gadget by Pandaapp is released now, you guys can download the gadget from Following Download Address:


With "Hot Mobile News" gadget, you can watch the hottest Smartphone News on your Windows 7 or Vista desktop, You can read the latest news about your iPhone, Android, WP7 and Tablet, Save your money and time, Let your phone make more fun, Free your mobile life with Pandaapp Now!

And if you did not use any gadget on the PC desktop before, here is a simple guide for you:

Step 1:Download the "Hot Mobile News" gadget


Step 2: Double click the gadget file, and then your desktop will show the "Hot Mobile News" gadget by Pandaapp just like the pictures.

Meanwhile the gadget will be added to your "gadgets" file, and you can find it by right-click the desktop, choose gadgets, and "Hot Mobile News" gadget is lying there.

"Hot Mobile News" gadget Setting interface:

There are many catagory you can choose, if you like to read the news about iPhone, just tick "iPhone", if you like to read about android, just tick "Android" , multichoose supported, you even can have them all at the same time. Then the News list will show the mobile news what you've chosen.

Images carousel to let you choose show pictures or not!

Enjoy this gadget! Any suggestion and comment will be appreciated! 

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