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Few days ago, Notcom updated the SHSH backup tool TinyUmbrella to 6.10.03a after Apple released iOS 6.1.1 firmware, TinyUmbrella 6.10.03a specifically add support for the new iPhone 4S firmware, which is the last time updates we saw. Today, iOS 6 has been upgraded to 6.1.2, should also, TinyUmbrella will be updated again.

As we reported earlier, planetbeing has confirmed to Forbes that iOS 6.1.3 Beta 2 blocked evasi0n jailbreak exploit, so backup SHSH become one of the main tasks for 6.1.2 users. Fortunately notcom has just announced via Twitter that a TinyUmbrella will be updated to support iOS 6.1.2, while supporting iOS 6.1.3 Beta (for developers).

How to save SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1.2 without TinyUmbrella

Method 1: Automatically save SHSH blobs by Cydia:
The first thing is that Cydia will automatically save the SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1.2. When you jailbreak the iOS 6.1.2 using Evasi0n, it will automatically save the SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1.2. But for some users mentioned that these blobs are not saved automatically, so, you can use the alternative methods.
Method 2: iSHSHit:
iSHSHit is a Cydia tweak that lets you save the SHSH blobs for any firmware. You can download iSHSHit from the Cydia, simply search and install it in Cydia bigBoss repo. After installation, Launch it and click on Firmware to select the latest version of iOS. After selecting Firmware, Click on “Save” to save the SHSH blobs for selected firmware. After saving SHSH blobs, Click on “Manage” to send the saved SHSH blobs to email for future use.

Method 3: iFaith:

iFaith is the best alternative for TinyUmbrella, it is desktop software developed by iH8sn0w which lets you save SHSH blobs for iOS.

You can download the iFaith from this link, after downloading iFaith, extract it on desktop.
Connect your iDevice with computer and Click on “Save Available SHSH / Cache on Server”.It will ask you to connect to the Cydia or iFaith’s server, Click on “Yes”.
Now, it will ask you “Fetch” and “Submit” SHSH blobs for latest iOS for current device. Click on “Yes”.
iFaith will now fetch and submit the SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1.2 to the Cydia server. The best part is that it will also save the SHSH blobs locally, so that you can use them in future.


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