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Crypt My Pic is a powerful app helps the users to keep their private pictures secure. Crypt My Pic, owns complex security algorithm to encrypt pictures and enhance the privacy. Under its protect, only the user or other authorized individuals can view the images, save these encrypted pictures and share them with friends via email. Each picture can be encrypted with unique password or you can choose to use the same password for some of them.

Key features of Crypt My Pic:
-Uses top-notch and complex encryption algorithms (AES-256)
-Share all your personal pictures with your dearest buddies
-The App works fine between Android operating system and iOS
-Never get tensed if you loose your mobile device as no other individual except you, can view the secured images

Crypt My Pic 2.0 is available for all iOS devices for $ 0.99 at iTunes App store, and now we have five promo codes for Pandaapp's forum users and five promo codes for Pandaapp's Facebook fans. The code can be used to redeem the app in the App Store. The rule is very simple, just sign in and reply in the event to request the code. Do leave your email address on our forum, as we will send the code to the winners with email. We will pick ten lucky users next week, good luck!

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Crypt My Pic Crypt My Pic
Encrypt your pictures and keep them safe in you device or share safely with your friends. Keep all your confidential images, and sensitive pictures just for you and those you want to. Be sure your pics will not be revealed if your device is stolen or you lose it.

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