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I'm really not sure what to think about this one. It seems like Infinity Blade with robots, which could potentially be a very good thing. The trailer sure seems interesting.


Abandoned on a derelict space station for the amusement of viewers across the galaxy, you must battle the increasingly ferocious robots that occupy its labyrinthine depths, all while pursuing revenge against the sadistic media mogul who has orchestrated your fate.

 RobotGladi8tor brings swipe-fighting to a new level, incorporating intense first-person battles, fully open-world exploration, challenging obstacles, and a compelling story of revenge. Features include:

 -- Three difficulty levels and optional visual hints, tailoring gameplay from casual to hardcore.

 -- Ten mega-battles against varied and increasingly unbeatable robotic opponents.

 -- Fully rendered open-world 3D environments, including the cavernous hangar bay, labyrinthine corridors, the medical lab, the robot manufactory, the Andromeda Lounge, the control terminal, and more.

 -- Challenging obstacles, discoverable tools, weapons upgrades, and minibots.

 -- Two first-person riding experiences: the CARGOSKID (switch tracks to avoid deadly crashes) and the MAGLEV (battle on a rushing tunnel transport).

 -- pulse-pounding original music score by composer Isaias Garcia.

 Crank up the volume, warm up your titanium exo-skeletal fists, and prepare to battle your way toward total destruction with RobotGladi8tor.


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