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As the release of the untethered jailbreak, lots awesome tweaks are also appears in Cydia this week, take a look!

1. Rinngo – $4.99

Rinngo is a new jailbreak tweak that lets you convert songs in your own music library to ringtones. The tweak has a great interface for cropping the sound file and choosing the length. Rinngo also imports it to your ringtones library for you automatically without needing to use iTunes. After you make the ringtone, just pick it from the Settings application and you can use it for your phone calls.

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2. FullForce for iPhone – $0.99

FullForce for iPhone will stretch your legacy applications to fill all of the pixels of the full four-inch display on the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G. The tweak can be enabled or disabled for any applications that you want from the Settings application, and you don't even have to respring for your options to take effect. The tweak will even alert you when you’re about to open a legacy application and ask you if you want to open it in stretched mode. FullForce for iPhone seems to be a bit more stable, but if you want a free alternative, check out the next tweak.

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3. Screen Extender – FREE

Screen Extender will stretch your legacy applications to fill all of the pixels of the four-inch display on the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G. It’s a free tweak, unlike FullForce for iPhone, however it’s a little less stable, and maybe a little less feature-rich. For example, you won’t be alerted when you’re about to open a legacy application and be able to convert it to a stretched application on the fly. Additionally, you’ll have to respring every time you enable or disable stretched mode for any application in the Settings. If you can deal with the small inconveniences, you might be able to get by with this tweak.

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4. More Icons – $1.49

More Icons will let you set the amount of applications in each row on the home screen and the amount of applications in each column on the home screen. You can also set the amount of applications on the dock, and the app switcher. More Icons will even let you adjust the spacing between the application icons and the edges of the display. More Icons works great with Shrink, which reduces (or even increases) the size of your application icons to your liking.

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5. BatteryPeek – FREE

BatteryPeek lets you use an Activator action to flash the battery percentage in the Status Bar for 1-2 seconds, after which, it will disappear. The tweak is great for those that like to keep their Status Bars clean, as you can still get the information you want, while keeping it clean without fiddling with settings. It works great with Bolt, which hides the battery indicator.

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6. Photo Organizer – FREE

Photo Organizer is a jailbreak tweak that adds a lot of useful functionality to the Photos app in iOS. For example, you can move the location of photographs in the photograph grid view, use a two-finger tap to select all of the photographs between your two fingers in the photograph grid view, move other albums above the Camera Roll in album list view, and even move, rather than copy, photographs from the Camera Roll to other albums. It's a great free mod for all power-users of the Photos application.

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7. MuteIcon – FREE

MuteIcon will place a simple icon in your Status Bar to alert you when the ringer/silent switch is set to silent. Sometimes we forget when our silent switch gets turned to silent, since we usually don’t look at our iPhones from the side to see the orange strip of tape. It’s a nice little free mod to add, but owners of OpenNotifier or IntelliScreenX will already have this functionality.

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8. RespringCacheFix – FREE

RespringCacheFix is a simple tweak made available in Ryan Petrich’s beta repository to fix a problem with respringing on iOS 6.1 that would create many temporary files, which fill up storage quickly. This tweak will delete those storage files for you automatically. Rebooting will do the same thing. We recommend this tweak if you respring on iOS 6.1 a lot.

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9. Pages+ – $1.99


Pages+ is a new jailbreak tweak just been available in Cydia that implements a multi-wallpaper home screen, colored application card backgrounds, and cool home screen integration with the popular Barrel jailbreak tweak. The multi-wallpaper option means that you’ll have a different wallpaper on each page. The colored card backgrounds can be set to any color or opacity that you want. Finally, the Barrel integration will make it so your wallpaper animates as well as your application icons. If you like customization, Pages+ is a neat tweak to try out.

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