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Spire is a great way to get Siri on non-4S devices, but it’s still a little bit tricky to install and get it up and running. Introducing Sara: a new tweak that apparently works on all iOS devices and promises to replicate Siri’s functionality to the letter. I wish we’re true.

Sara has support for almost all iDevices such as the iPhone 3G and iPod G3 and above. In addition to this, Sara also has the same great Siri user interface making it look completely native. While it does install a sort-of Siri on your non-4S devices, it most certainly will not do Siri’s job. It barely does any job at all. Sara is one dumb broad.

The app offers tons of great features and overcomes several limitations that Siri has. For example, you can search for places everywhere and are not limited to the United States and Canada. Furthermore, Sara can also control your PC, switch phone toggles on and off, search for songs, scan barcodes, and even learn from its mistakes. You also do not need any proxies to get the tweak up and running.

These are some pretty incredible features, however, the replies you get from Sara are not always grammatically correct, and for me, that’s enough to put the tweak aside for now.

If you want to download Sara, add this repo in Cydia: http://isoftjsc.com. Just play it for fun, don't take this tweat too serious, then it will let you down.


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