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It's so close to Valentine’s Day of this year. No matter you are single or you have met your the one in your life, you deserve a happy Valentine’s Day! Now here are apps for single ones in Valentine’s Day, check them out...

1. iLoveYou in 50+ Languages!

Why you have to be single in this Valentine’s Day? No you don't have to be, speak it out! I think this app should be the one you need!


Own itWant it iLoveYou in 50+ Languages!
 "I just called to say ‘Ngiyakuthanda’!"

Love, the universal language, can be expressed without a word. But if it must be spoken, why not tell your sweetheart "I love you" in an exotic new tongue?

Learn how to say "I love you" in over 50 different languages from around the world with Lingolook iLoveYou – a new app from one of the leading publishers of audio phrasebooks for the iPhone. This app features over 50 audio translations of "I love you" - from Afrikaans to Zulu - recorded by native speakers and complete with expert translations and English phonetics.

Lingolook iLoveYou. Because language should never be a barrier to romance.

 ♥ Audio translations of “I love you” in 50+ international languages with country flags
 ♥ Recordings by native speakers from around the world
 ♥ Extra large type, native script and English phonetics
 ♥ Fast language search by category
 ♥ Convenient “Favorites” menu
 ♥ Instant audio replay



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