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What kind of Alarm app can be called good, great or awesome, I installed many of them in App store, and the basic functions of these apps are much the same, set the get-up time for morning and choose the alarm ring you like or brings some weather report functions, very simple, even the native function of iPhone and iPad can do these things, we can’t say these apps are good but just useful. Some creative app developer research the science of sleep, and bring some meaningful features in app to make you know your sleep well and to let you have a good sleep with the help of the app, which is I called awesome, the app is called “Smart Alarm Clock”, let’s have a good look at this powerful Alarm clock for iPhone and iPad.


Sleep well or badly can influence your daily life, have a high quality sleep can make your daily life vivid, Smart Alarm Clock use accelerometer to catch the movements while you sleep. Since movement while sleeping is strongly correlated with REM periods (when you dream) and deep sleep periods (when you get most rested,) they can help you analyze how good is your sleep.

Most of alarm app only can wake you up rudely, however “Smart Alarm Clock” even can set a pre-sleep music to let you fall asleep better and sooner, for me I always set soothing beach and seagulls for 20 minutes, then it will fade into silence, very thoughtful of that, almost 10 minutes with the music go, I may have fallen asleep, much sooner then before. The app gets many sleep music to let you choose, if you fancy your own iPod library songs, just have your own music.
The app has five different alarm modes, most of them can monitor sleep cycles and records disturbances during the night, wakes you up at the right time.

I always choose the sleep cycle alarm mode. All people have different sleep cycles, you are more likely to wake up naturally at the end of a cycle, and Smart Alarm Clock with sleep cycle alarm will wake you up just then, at the end of the cycle that allows you to wake up before the alarm rings (so you are not late!) On wake up time, your selected track will start, slowly to wake you up naturally, which is the most thoughtful thing I love about this app.

The best and most powerful part of Smart Alarm Clock is the app can record thorough statistics about movement and sleep quality, has an auto-configuration mode to set-up the app from day one. It also has sensitivity settings, which you can tune to the strength of your matress and depending on how old your iPhone or iPad is.

There is a wide array of in-app purchases of special soothing wake up tracks, or binaural beats enhanced tracks. The ability to add your own, though, makes this more a gift to the developers (and composers) more than a chore you have to go through.

Smart Alarm Clock:sleep cycles and noise recording Smart Alarm Clock: sleep cycles and noise recording
More than 4,000,000 people around the world are using our Smart Alarm apps!With Smart Alarm Clock, you wake up refreshed EVERY MORNING!Thanks to Smart Alarm Clock, people all over the world are enjoying waking up: feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to greet the world!

Interface: 10/8
Clear and easy interface but powerful.

App function: 10/9
That’s what I called Smart Alarm Clock

Lasting Appleal: 10/9
Smart Alarm Clock can record and monitor your sleep cycle, if you insist use this app everyday I bet you will get a stable and high quality sleep, which will help you get every vivid daily life.

Totally, if you need a reliable, understanding and powerful alarm app on iPhone or iPad,  Smart Alarm Clock can be that one.


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