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By this time, there should be thousands upon thousands of users who were able to jailbreak iOS 6 into their devices. However, the Evasi0n jailbreak itself is far from being perfect and there are bound to be issues and bugs that many people would experience. Here is an FAQ to some problems that folks are experiencing regarding the latest untethered jailbreak.

Common Issues With Evasi0n iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak & How to Fix Them

Cydia is Slow / Not Loading and Can't Add Sources / Packages

There are a lot of users who are experiencing these issues so it's safe to say that this is the most common. Upon launching Cydia, you should notice that the app is very slow or it won't load at all. Or if you can indeed navigate, adding Cydia repos and installing packages are really difficult to pull off. Well considering the popularity of the new jailbreak (100,00 downloads within 10 min.), it doesn't come as a shock that people experience this sort of issues. To put it simply, the Cydia server is simply far too overloaded at this time. Millions of users are accessing Cydia right now, so there is no doubt that things won't go smoothly. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be fixed other than exercising patience and wait it out. So to avoid frustrations, just sit back and relax for about 24-48 hours. By that time, Cydia should a lot more stable.

Evasi0n Tool Can't Detect iOS Device

Evasi0n can't detect your iOS device, although you're pretty sure that you are qualified for the jailbreak? Well, the most likely cause is that you performed an OTA update in order to get your current iOS 6 firmware despite the fact that it is strongly advised by Evad3rs not to. In that case, you will need to restore your device again to iOS 6.1 but this time, you will do it by downloading the required iOS 6.1 IPSW and restoring via iTunes. If Evasi0n still doesn't detect your iPhone, then perhaps there is something wrong with your computer or the USB port itself. Restart your computer and make sure that your device is properly plugged via USB. Try switching USB ports and see if Evasi0n can detect your device.

Evasi0n Fails While Jailbreaking

One of the main reasons why Evasi0n just fails on you is that you may have enabled Passcode for your device. Should you have bothered reading the READ ME file that comes with Evasi0n, you must disable your passcode as it can cause issues while jailbreaking. To disable your Passcode, navigate to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. If everything still fails, you might consider doing a fresh iOS 6.1 install and doing the jailbreak all over again.

Evasi0n Stuck at "Patching Kernel"

There is a possibility that while doing the jailbreak process, Evasi0n will get stuck at "Patching Kernel." The causes for this is currently unknown but Pod2g has tweeted a quick fix which is done by forcing a reboot.

Final Thoughts:

Most of the errors that you are experiencing with the Evasi0n jailbreak and Cydia can be largely attributed to the fact that there are millions of users currently trying to jailbreak and access Cydia. According to Planetbeing, they have now exceeded 4.2 terabytes of data downloaded just for their Box.net mirror alone, which is nothing short of impressive. To cut it short, the new untethered is massively popular. If you wish to avoid some hair-pulling situations, the most simple solution is wait it out before you add your favorite Cydia sources and install your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks.


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