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Immortalis is pretty much the same with other card battle games in many ways, but some significant differences will push you to play it.

It’s gorgeous, of course many card games do it as well, but gets something more. It is the first card game that doesn’t hide the character you are playing when the battle is going on. The card skills display on the character directly, yes, you can watch it fights monsters and jump. And the animations are pretty nice.

What kind of card battle game it is? Like most card battle, you can quest to collect cards, earn experience, and cash, also special daily log in bonuses can be earned. Undesirable cards can be sacrificed also not fresh. Quests cost stamina, but it recovers relatively fast, you will not feel pain for that. In the quest you are not going to meet other characters carrying cards like you, but only monsters. And believe me, they are so easy to be destroyed. The quest part of the game is unremarkable, but the progress just moves fast indeed. Special eggs would be found on quests , that can be hatched for items and money, and guildies can jump in to help speed up the incubation time. When you've collected enough Immortals, you are able to unlock skill activation animations. Then you can use Rare Tickets to conjure even rarer Immortals.

I think all the above is not going to be the reason you want to pay one hour everyday on the game, so it provides Immortal Battles. The guild vs guild battles give players a chance to fight others for glory and goods, and they happen regularly. This is not one-man-battle. To both sides, it spending magic points to attack with cards to cause the damage, the great is that everyone from both sides can participate simultaneously. Just, the battles would probably not take place in any guilds. Simple to say, there are yet that many players online, so you would need to search out an active guild and hope they have enough room, then you can expect Immortal Battles. However, as a new released game, and Immortalis is really positive, I believe it would absorb lots of players soon.

Immortalis is free on the App Store, just grab it.




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Immortalis Immortalis
Embark on an epic journey to suppress the monster invasion and claim your place as the strongest Soulbinder! You’ll battle and capture hundreds of legendary monsters, imbue them with sacrificial powers, and undertake endless quests, all while fighting other powerful players from across the globe.

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