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As the good new of untethered jailbreak is getting closer and closer, we are so exciting for it. But this week we have some nice tweaks appeared on Cydia that you should love to pay attention to, take a look:

1. Flex – $3.99

Flex is a new application that surfaced in Cydia this week that gives the user the ability to create his or her own modifications for his or her own iOS device. These modifications can then be applied or disabled at any time. Flex contains a Cloud feature so users can share their creations with one another at no cost. Flex does not require any programming knowledge, however knowledge of the internal workings of iOS his highly recommended, as to use the application you will have to deal with libraries, classes, and methods. Check this out if you’re a hardcore tinkerer, but modify your own device at your own risk.

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2. %hook's law – FREE

%hook’s law is a little surprise from iOS hacker and developer chpwn that adds a bouncy, springy animation to iOS’s stock animations. The springiness is configurable from the Settings application. The tweak is named after Hooke’s Law of springs and it is a great tweak to have if you like customization.

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3. FlagPaint Lite – FREE

FlagPaint Lite is a free version of the popular FlagPaint jailbreak tweak. FlagPaint Lite will allow you to make your notification banners appear in the same color as the application icon that is displayed on them. The tweak doesn’t come with any options to configure apart from enabling and disabling the tweak, as the full version of FlagPaint comes with multiple options to configure. If you like the idea of this small mod, check out FlagPaint Lite for free in the Cydia Store.

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4.  tsLock O – FREE

Oddly named tsLock O is a new free jailbreak tweak that allows you to lock your device’s orientation in both portrait mode and landscape mode by using the orientation lock toggle from the multitasking App Switcher. Normally, you can only lock your device into portrait mode, but if you want to get around this annoying restriction, tsLock O will let you do that.

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5. PhotoFilters – $1

PhotoFilters brings the power of photograph filters right to your stock Photos application. You can now apply filters to your photographs right from your Camera Roll without the need to install third party App Store applications like Instagram or Snapseed. The tweak saves the filtered photograph and the original photograph. PhotoFilters also includes a blur feature that can be used to add depth of field to a photograph. At just one dollar, this is a pretty snazzy tweak for creative photography people.

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6. Usage – FREE

Usage allows you to check your current cellular usage with the invoking of an Activator action. Just invoke the Activator action that you choose, and the screen will load for a minute and then you’ll be sent a text message from your carrier telling you the amount of data you’ve used out of your current data plan, and the amount of messages you’ve sent out of your current messages plan. This tweak is great for people that don’t want to install and of the carriers’ horrible App Store applications, but still want to keep an eye on their cellular usage.

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7. PowerActions – FREE

PowerActions is a new free jailbreak tweak that allows you to set actions that will happen when the device is docked or plugged in. Automatically enabling Airplane Mode for you when you charge your device at night so you can have a night of peace and quiet with no notifications, or having the tweak play music for you automatically when you plug it into one of those fancy music-playing docking stations are two good uses for the tweak. PowerActions comes with several other options that you can configure.

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8. roqyUSB - $7

roqyUSB, a jailbreak utility that allows users to create virtual hard disks which can be accessed by USB. This isn’t the first virtual USB drive we’ve seen for jailbroken devices, but it is the first we’ve seen in a default repository…

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