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The untethered jailbreak coming in hours by far, and if you're a developer and wanna do something cool on Cydia tweak, here is the big and easy chance for you: The release of one of the most exciting tweaks of recent times, called Flex.

We’ve been hearing about Flex for quite some time, but decided to wait for it to land in Cydia before casting judgment on the package in a pre-release state. The most simplistic definition of Flex is pretty easy enough for anyone to get their heads around and is summed up pretty well by the developer himself:


Flex lets you exercise the limits of your device by enabling you to make your own jailbreak tweaks. The Flex Community cloud features tweaks shared by Flex users, and lets you download and install these tweaks instantly.


Pretty self explanatory, and definitely a great idea that will appeal to those users who have been waiting to see if someone will make a package that covers their own particular needs. Before we get carried away; it is worth noting that Flex doesn’t allow us to create overly elaborate tweaks for our devices, but rather concentrates on smaller system changes which makes operation of iOS a little different or more intuitive.


Flex operates as a standalone application more rather than a minor tweak, and even those who just want to see and download other users’ creations can access the shared packages directly through the application. No programming knowledge is needed to make system tweaks from within Flex, so it definitely doesn’t require any advanced Xcode or Objective-C knowledge to make the best use of it.


It’s definitely one of the more unique offerings on the Cydia platform, and we think thousands of new devices that are about to enter the world of jailbreaking will definitely benefit from experimenting with Flex.


Flex is available as a $3.99 download from the BigBoss repo and is compatible with all iPhones and iPods running iOS 5.X and 6.X.


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