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As it's getting more and more closer to the release of the iOS 6 untethered jailbrak, you should have get ready for it. Here we are gonna you some great iOS 6-compatible jailbreak tweaks, so you will have somewhere to start when you jailbreak your iOS 6 device.

Note: Because the iPhone 5 has never been jailbroken before, we cannot guarantee that all of these tweaks will work on the iPhone 5. Not even the developers of the tweaks know for sure if they will work properly yet. They do work on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the likes running iOS 5 or iOS 6.

1. Auxo

Auxo is a relatively new jailbreak tweak that “fixes” Apple’s broken App Switcher. It shows previews of the applications rather than just their application icons. In addition, you can take advantage of a redesigned music control page, and a toggle page beyond that. Auxo knows when applications are running in the background, and will alert you when you’re about to close an application that is running. In addition, it allows you to close all applications at once by holding down on an application. You can close applications individually by swiping down on them. At $1.99, Auxo is worth the price and worth checking out. (Note: Not yet compatible with iPad.)

2. MountainCenter

MountainCenter brings the smooth OS X Mountain Lion-style Notification Center animation to your iOS device. After installing the tweak, you will be able to swipe in from the right side of the screen to reveal Notification Center. You can adjust the number of fingers it takes, choose the side of the screen you want to swipe from, and the sensitivity of the swipe gestures. At $2.99, the tweak is a little pricey for what it does, but the overall satisfaction of the tweak is worth it in the end.

3. PasswordPilot

Passwordpilot is a great jailbreak tweak because it remembers your Apple ID password for you so that you don’t have to type it in when you download free or paid applications in the App Store. iOS 6 has a new feature that makes it so you don’t have to enter your password for application updates, however if you are downloading a free application and don’t feel like entering your Apple ID password, then PasswordPilot has your back. If you’re worried about people purchasing paid applications on your iOS device without your consent, we recommend setting a passcode after installing this tweak. Your password will be encrypted, so PasswordPilot does its best to keep your information secure. This tweak is free, so if you want to save some time when downloading applications, you should check it out!

4. CallBar

CallBar makes answering calls so much better on your iPhone. Rather than having an intrusive phone interface pop up when you have an incoming call, CallBar will display an iOS-like banner that shows you have an incoming call. You’ll be able to answer, dismiss, or decline an incoming call with CallBar by using its gestures. CallBar also comes with a dial pad so you can create outgoing calls right from the CallBar interface. The tweak is friendly with iOS 6’s new caller messages too! At $4.99 CallBar is a little pricey, but for the functionality, it’s well worth it!

5. Safari Download Manager

Safari Download Manager is a download manager for Safari that is built right into the main Safari interface. With it, you can download files from Web sites and save them to your iOS device’s file system. You’ll be able to access these files through file browsers, such as iFile. The tweak allows for simultaneous downloads and looks very native. For anyone looking to download files on the go, Safari Download Manager is a must-have, but sets you back $5.

6. ProTube 2

ProTube 2 is an add-on for Google’s YouTube application, which launched in the App Store after Apple removed YouTube from iOS in iOS 6. With ProTube 2, you can download YouTube videos to your device in any quality you want, import downloads to your media library with the Bridge application, block all YouTube ads, choose your streaming video quality, watch downloads with AirPlay. ProTube 2 can be seen from the sidebar in the YouTube application and it integrates very nicely into the YouTube application. If you’re a YouTubeaholic, then you should grab ProTube 2 for the tiny price tag of $1.99. (Note: Not yet compatible with iPad.)

7. Activator

Activator is, simply put, a very useful application for any jailbroken iOS device. With Activator, you can call events by invoking gestures, such as double-tapping your status bar, shaking your device, or pinching your home screen (there are also many more gestures). Activator has deep integration with many jailbreak tweaks, so you’ll find its centralization to be very appealing. It’s a great way to quickly get things done without fiddling with goofy interfaces. Activator is completely free, so you should grab it as soon as you jailbreak your device.

8. Zephyr

Zephyr is a powerful jailbreak tweak that allows you to simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the App Switcher. When you’re in applications, swiping up will close the applications, while swiping up and holding for a few seconds will bring up the App Switcher. Zephyr also comes with the ability to swipe between applications side-to-side just like you can on the iPad, and it comes with a Flowtation-like Notification Center animation. You can enable or disable any of its features on demand, so you can use it for what you like about it best. It’s also compatible with Auxo. Zephyr became a classic the day it was launched and you can grab it for only $2.99.

9. Unlock iOS 6 Maps

Unlock iOS 6 Maps enables the 3-D Flyover View and Turn-By-Turn navigation in the iOS 6 Maps application for older devices like the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4G. These devices have the feature disabled because they’re slower than newer devices, however the features are still usable on older devices. Unlock iOS 6 Maps makes it so you can at least use them if you want to. These older devices are included under the list of devices that evasi0n will support, so this tweak will come off as useful for many people that haven’t been fortunate enough to upgrade to a newer iOS device. Unlock iOS 6 Maps is absolutely free, so there’s no good reason not to grab it and add additional functionality to iOS!

10. Deck

Deck is an awesome Activator-based toggle and shortcut platform and a good alternative to the notorious SBSettings. With it, you can reveal a panel on the side of your iOS device’s screen that shows you a column of customizable toggles or shortcuts. There are some useful ones like flashlight, respring, reboot, enabling or disabling cellular data, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, and you can also set buttons as shortcuts for launching applications. At just $1.99, this is a great-looking and useful tweak to look into.

11. AssistantLove

Some people still can’t understand my infatuation with AssistantLove, but that’s probably because they’ve never used it. One of the primary features of AssistantLove is the ability to control music from Spotify using Siri, just like you would with the stock Music app. This means that you have a virtually unlimited supply of music that you can control using only your voice.

When you consider that the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch all support Siri, you can see why AssistantLove has the potential to appeal to the masses. Don’t miss it.

12. IntelliScreen X

Even though it’s old news now, it would be an outright crime to leave IntelliScreen X off of any must-download list. If you’ve been around for a while, then you know what IntelliScreen X is all about. For those of you who are new, or those of you who are forgetful, let me provide a friendly reminder.

Put simply, IntelliScreen X is the way that Notification Center should be. It allows you to read your Twitter Timeline, Facebook wall, and post new tweets and status updates as well. It allows you to quickly read and respond to SMS messages, Email, and view your favorite RSS feeds. Keep in mind that all of this happens from the convenience of Notification Center. In fact, I believe the SMS integration is alone worth the price of admission.

Of course, there are more features to talk about regarding IntelliScreen X, but I suggest you just look at the video walkthrough above.

13. iFile

The is arguably the one “power user” jailbreak app to make this list. If you’re familiar with Finder on the Mac, or Explorer on Windows, then you pretty much know what to expect with iFile. iFile allows you to explore, create, and modify at will, anything within iOS’ root file structure. It’s an extremely powerful app that’s essentially a staple for any long time jailbreaker.

iFile also allows you to install packages without having to know terminal commands. You can alter plist files, and transfer files via a web server or via Bluetooth. If there’s absolutely one tweak that I could not under any circumstances live without, it would definitely be iFile.

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