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If you’re looking for the right jailbreak tweak to make your home screen look different than everybody else’s, then Pages+, an upcoming jailbreak tweak by iOS developer SBCoders, is something to keep your eyes peeled for. Here's the cool-looking icon for the tweak; you can't miss it:

If you take a look at the video above, you’ll see that Pages+ adds a ton of neat features to iOS. One of the major features is the new home screen card look, which puts a customizable 'card' behind your application icons. You can change the color of the card, as well as the opacity so that it goes well with whatever wallpapers you might be using. If you don't like the card look, you can make the card 100% transparent, as if it were invisible. Alternatively, there are 6 colors to choose from:

Pages+ also lets you take advantage of a wallpaper mode, which will set each page on your home screen with a different wallpaper. Switching between wallpaper mode and cards mode will require a respring.

The tweak comes with its own default wallpapers, and there will be additional wallpapers packs available in Cydia that you can download for your own customization purposes. Each wallpaper pack has its own theme, for example, there's a Space wallpaper pack and a Seasons wallpaper pack, in addition to the default pack:

Also as you can tell from the video, Pages+ has full support for the popular Barrel jailbreak tweak. The icons won’t be the only things that animate when you have the two tweaks installed together, but the wallpapers will as well. You can set up Pages+ to show either a black or a linen backdrop behind the animated wallpapers:

Options for Pages+ are configured from the preferences pane in the Settings application, which we show you below:

Pages+ looks like it could be a promising jailbreak tweak. Those who absolutely love customization will enjoy the multi-page wallpapers and the Barrel integration. The developer hasn’t decided yet if the tweak will be 99¢ or $1.99, so feel free to leave a comment below telling us what you would pay for Pages+. The tweak will hit the Cydia Store soon!


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