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ChronoBlade is an arcade-style beat-em up coming soon to a browser near you. The developer inculdes creator of Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto and the lead designer for the first two Diablo games, plus folks who worked on the Dead Space series and Dante’s Inferno. Just look at the pedigree, you can imagine it! It would also come to iOS and Android, but we have to wait and wait...

"It’s also got gorgeous 3D graphics and character design that flaunts both style and a sense of humor. How else would you describe a magic-using female whose “Something Heavy” ability literally drops something heavy on the bad guys? The setting and story focus on champions from various parallel dimensions joining forces to defend the Multiverse against something called the Chronarch Imperium, creating plenty of potential for stages set in just about any time or place.

Just about everything about the game oozes with promise, with the possible exception of the controls.  Using a keyboard for such an action-heavy title seems like it could be unwieldy, though the game’s foundation in Flash 11 means controllers can’t be ruled out down the road. That would be a good thing. Support for co-op and PvP multiplayer modes is definitely planned, as are iOS and Android ports."

This game will come to Facebook first, later on iOS and Android. But, it worth to wait!


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