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We received first information about the game on CES 2013 early this month, and now, Gameloft have officially released a triler with gameplay footage for it. Take a look. 

"Blitz Brigade is the name of Gameloft's next online third-person shooter, and we've got some footage of the game just below. The video positions it firmly as a Team Fortress 2 knock-off, complete with zany music, a cheerful art style, and strong characterizations for each of the game's classes. The action, on the other hand, is looking a little more traditional as far as competitive shooters go."

We also couldn't fail to notice that the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour creator has included some vehicles in Blitz Brigade to keep players occupied.

"In case you were wondering, this is a free-to-play joint that will also incorporate some sort of single-player component in addition to its multiple competitive modes. Gameloft says it'll release more info closer to Blitz's release date, which, by the way, is "soon." Buckle up. Or something."


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