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Some game got its successful achievement by nice graphics, while some are failed by the same. Bee Story can be described as ‘interesting,’ but it’s kinds of defeated by its graphics. The game looks like something for pre-school children, but you will find it contains much more than Fruit Ninja.

You play as a charming bee chases a bug villain to save a kidnapped victim. In the road, you have to collect honey and protect yourself from attacking bugs. All the control is based on tap, perfectly for touch screen. Tap flowers to and solve the puzzles to collect honey, also tap to eliminate bugs. The bee keeps moving, time is limit for you to collect honey. Once you slow down, you will miss a group of honey.

With the honey, you can purchase power-up skills. And of course the skills are gonna take honey when it used. Each skill will take different numbers of honey points, and should calculate how much you got and what skill to display in different levels. One thing interest is, one skill enables you to swipe to kill bug, when there are a lot bugs heading over to you, that’s a great skill to use, however, it would made you like playing Fruit Ninja. The rule is you can only tap to kill bug, unless you raise the skill. If different gestures could be used normally that could be better, I don’t quite understand the logic. Different bugs get different abilities too, just like birds from Angry Birds. How to kill the bugs is something consider as well.

How to survive from the level needs you to consider all the elements you got, and you have to react and consider in limit time. It requires both agile and tricks, it has been a nice leisure game to play on mobile. But it’s graphic really sucks, that’s too complicated for little kids, but I don’t’ think any adults would choose that game in first glance. Bee Story is free on the App Store. If you happen to want some game to kill time when you are taking subway or bus, this could be something to play.




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Bee Story Bee Story
Collect puzzles, train your hand-eye coordination and …enjoy the flight! The charismatic main characters of this fascinating chase won’t fail to excite you!

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