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Still remember Gun Bros2? – the sequel to the highly-addicting top-down shooter by Glu, is coming soon, as its developer just confirmed officially. And judging by the upcoming title's trailer, its gameplay will consist mainly of shooting, shooting, and more shooting. Are you excited about this as much as we are? Well, you should be if you take mobile gaming seriously. The first release of Gun Bros got many hooked up with its action-packed stages, waves of enemies, and support for cooperative multiplayer.

If you still know nothing abou this game, you can download the old verison over here:

Gun Bros 2 Gun Bros 2
THE BROTHERHOOD IS BACK! Invite your bros to join your tour of duty with an improved Brotherhood system. Share the fun! Share the love! Share the destruction!

Although no further details have been announced yet, we suppose that Gun Bros 2 will be a lot like the first release, only more awesome. We sure hope to see even broader variety in terms of available weapons, and a new roster of enemies would also be nice to have. Knowing Glu, Gun Bros 2 will probably be free to play with many in-app purchases getting you extra explodium or perks of some kind.

No official release date for Gun Bros 2 has been announced, but we'll sure check it out as soon as the game is released. How about you?

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