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As we mentioned in the previous article about TinyUmbrella being updated, saving your SHSH blobs is becoming less and less important as time goes on. This is partially due to Apple introducing APTickets and closing a lot of loopholes in its firmware restoration and update process. For newer devices it is pretty much impossible to downgrade your device, and as such saving SHSH blobs is really only useful for A4 devices. In the future however, a new exploit might be found that once again allows for downgrading, so saving your SHSH blobs and APTickets could prove to be useful (emphasis on the “could”).

iH8Snow has tweeted moments ago that Apple has closed the iOS 6.0.x SHSH blob signing window just hours after the release of iOS 6.1. As iH8Sn0w points out, Apple is getting quicker and quicker at closing the signing window, so if you want to save SHSH blobs still it is recommended you do it right after you update your device to the latest firmware version… * cough * cough * iOS 6.1. Even though the usefulness of saving your SHSH blobs might be at a lower level at this current time you don’t want to be unprepared in case a future Jailbreak requires them or a new downgrading method is discovered.

With TinyUmbrella being updated to version 6.10.00 you can actually save your iOS 6.1 SHSH blobs right now!


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