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[Source] Earn to Die 2 is a game all about earning money through killing zombies with your zombie-killing vehicle, spending money to improve it. Thus, I suppose that being able to get the game for free is somewhat ironic, but perhaps that's what Australia Day is all about, as now you can get Earn to Die 2 for free thanks to the Australian holiday. Also, you just learned that publisher Not Doppler is from Australia! Throw another zombie on the barbie! I'm so sorry.

The game is a solid example of the sort of physics-based racing genre that's been popular over the last few years, what with all the vehicles flipping in the air. Plus, who doesn't like running over zombies with an automobile equipped with weaponry? The game also does a fantastic job at being about progression and delivering satisfaction from being better and better at what you do. The first game was and is massively popular, so this is a great opportunity to hop on this one while it costs you nothing.


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Source: toucharcade

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