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Fail Hard is a physics-based motorbike game which makes a wannabe stuntman jump through some pretty rough hoops.

In Fail Hard, one of the hardest troubles is controlling 'Johnny' while he was airborne. Compare with the balance mechanics of Bike Baron, Fails Hards’s system will let you feel difficult, counter-intuitive, and plain wrong. The reason is that players need to press on the left side of the screen to lean forward in mid-air, and on the right to speed up/lean backwards. Once I figured out how this backwards way of making things worked (without using any hints or tutorials I can add) I was okay in fact, but it’s still far from comfortable and often frustrated.

Fail Hard

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Fortunately, the entertaining level design makes up for it. Since it’s possible to effectively ‘double jump’ in Fail Hard, it means that some levels have two different routes to navigate – down a slide or onto the back of a pickup truck. It gives the game that extra bit of replay value, since players will have to retry the level multiple times to get those pesky level-unlocking coins. With a large variety of cartoony levels, including the notable stages in which Johnny makes use of a rocket backpack or makeshift wings, Fail Hard keeps players guessing with its many surprises.

Fail Hard

Even though, a certain mustachioed maverick and his cat take some influence obviously, Fail Hard‘s use of interactive environments, multi-faceted stages, and pure playability make it a great casual game for quick sessions on the go. While the controls are in dire need of some adjustment, there is still plenty of fun in it.

Fail Hard

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